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Wayne Beckford

Соул, Рэгги, RnB, Джаз

You have most certainly heard his music interpreted by other artists. Now Wayne Beckford is focusing his own carrier.

A musical genius. Wayne Beckford has had hits in all urban genres — from soul, pop, rock to hiphop, reggae and electro. He has worked with some of the main international urban artists such as Akon, Rihanna, Robyn, T‑Pain, Seal, Beenie Man, Slum Village, Blue, Tony Braxton, UB40, Outkast, Gnarks Barkley and many more.

In a musical career that has spanned three decades, Wayne 'Beathoven' Beckford has earned his reputation as a renaissance man of European urban music. Wayne has distinguished himself as a bandleader, a solo artist, a sideman, a songwriter, a producer, an arranger and as a film composer. He plays guitar, bass, drums and can really sing…

At the moment Wayne is focusing on his own carrier as a singer. The album « Alpha Omega » is a mix of funk, pop, R’n’B, reggae and club music. An intelligent and powerful musical crossover.

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Alpha Omega 2010
Поделилась: Lusen

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