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The Wellingtons

Рок, Поп-Панк, Поп, Инди

There are two musical groups called the Wellingtons:

1. The Wellingtons, a three‑man folk singing group (George Patterson, Kirby Johnson, and Ed Wade), sang the theme song for the first season of the hit television show Gilligan’s Island.

2. An Australian power‑pop group (more details below).

Australia’s The Wellingtons continue to inject all that is cute, smart, and sweet into their crafted up‑beat power pop tunes. It’s the sound that’s brought them devoted fans in the U.S, Canada and Spain and major success in Japan where their first two albums have not only sold strongly but led the band to tour live houses, packed with smiling fans in many of their major cities.

Their third album ‘Heading North For The Winter’ is a big leap forward for the band. The album contains a considered, sophisticated group of songs recorded in Australia’s finest studios utilising a first class production team.

The glistening, saccharine melodies bound out of your stereo and instantly put a smile on your face. Beneath those vocal hooks, the raw guitars, driving rhythm section and infectious sythns create pure pop‑rock bliss much like Weezer and The Cars did before them. Heading North For The Winter is simply an exciting, punchy, jump around your room sing‑along record.

The Wellingtons also invited Kim Shattuck, front woman of legendary Los Angeles pop band The Muffs to sing backing vocals on the record after they played together in the U.S. in 2006.

The band have also maintained a hectic touring schedule back home in Australia and embarked on a European, Japanese and North American world tour to coincide with the album release in autumn 2008.

The Wellingtons are:

Zac Anthony (vocals, guitar)
Kate Goldby (vocals, bass)
Koji Asano (guitar, vocals)
Amy Walkters (keyboards, vocals)
Gustav Lindstrom (drums)


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Fantastic Mr. Fox  2009
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