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[subsection: Suspekt is also the name of a canadian electronic music producer, creating tribal rythm, and almost an el salvidorian swing. Or at least, thats what he'd have you believe]

SUSPEKT is a danish hip hop / rap group which was made in the 90's. The group originates from the mid 90's, where hip‑hop received a great deal of attention in Denmark.

At first there were three members: Rune, Andreas and Emil — also known as Rune Rask, Bai‑D and Orgi‑E, respectively. Over the years the three members were writing a lot of lyrics, heavily producing beats and having a good time while hanging out in a basement. One day in 1998 a guy named Per Hjalteson got the idea that they should make an album, and before any of them thought of anything they stood in the middle of a studio in Vesterbro. The year after, the trio called SUSPEKT and the record company TABU RECORDS, were founded.

Later that year their first album came out, called SUSPEKT, and was printed in 500 copies. Without any publicity (except flyers and posters) all the copies are sold within 4 days. Tabu Records decided to print an additional number of 2000 copies and to make a deal with regards to distribution together with Indielabel and the distributor of Voices of Wonder (now known as VME).

Suspekt went on their first tour in 1999 in Denmark. They went to Venue festival in Pumpehuset, Copenhagen and there was a DR P3 live team at the event TRAX in Vordingborg. It was during this tour, that the group featured the rapper and producer Troo.L.S, who later became an important character in SUSPEKT. In the late summer of 2000, SUSPEKT were producing an album featuring some of the most recognized rappers in Denmark, tha album was later called Tabu Rec'z and it had artists like: Clemens, L:Ron:Harald, 4FOD, Kælderposen, West West, Taskforce, Sidste Niveau og L.O.C.

At Tabu Records Rune Rask and Troo.L.S. had now established a close relationship, and the producing team of SUSPEKT was now made up of Rune Rask…читать далее ↓

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Dance Chart Vol. 23 CD#1 2009
Поделилась: Lusen

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