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There are at least fifteen (15) bands or artists named 'Sin'. Some of them are listed below:

1. French industrial band.
Shadows Fall in the PULP Summer Slam 2008 event.
Many who claim to have listened to the band, they are the Philippines' answer to the band Meshuggah from Sweden.

3. Vienna‑based group (Mona Moore, Andy Orel and Richard Dorfmeister)
Label: Abuse Industries
Releases: Where Shall I Turn? (EP vinyl 1990), Where Shall I Turn? (MCD 1994), Where Shall I Turn? — Remixed (vinyl 1994), The Man Who Hates Himself (MCD 1995), The Man Who Hates Himself — Remixed (vinyl 1995), SIN EP (CD 1996), Insinuation (CD 1998), Sin Remixed (CD 1999), And I Sigh (MCD 2001), And I Sigh (12" 2001), Kissing (CD 2001), So Sad (CD 2003), So Sad remixed (12" 2004), Absinth (Double CD 2005)

4. Solo American hip‑hop artist (Pierre «Sin» Ferrand)
Releases: Welcome to the Show (2005)

5. Japanese band
Store Appearing To Carry Their Releases: http://www.cdjapan.co.jp/detailview.html?KEY=HFCA‑1104
Releases: Sin (with first track NIGHT TOO BRIGHT), I Want You Back (2000), ...

6. Turkish group
Some promotional tracks available here on Last.fm.

7. American industrial group ("Chris and Robert")
Tracks available on the Interbreeding III and IV compilations from BLC Productions (http://www.blcmusic.com/).

8. Solo Canadian Rapper Philip «SIN» Philippi
Born in Belgrade, Serbia and moved to Canada as a refugee in 1994.
As a rapper he is highly regarded by most Serbian immigrants in Northern America but not recognized as much back «home» in Serbia for his dislike of a certain ethnic group.
Currently CEO of his self‑started label, Sizzerb ent.
Albums: Opium Garden (2006?)

9. Monolithic Industrial Metal from NYC
Formed in 1992 by members of hardcore punk bands Nausea and Born Against, Sin only…читать далее ↓

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Dakota‑Sin City-(COLD016)-WEB‑2009 2009
Поделился: Vadima
Beat Hits Vol.30 CD#2 2008
Поделилась: Lusen
Die Hit Giganten — Hot Hits CD#2 2008
Поделилась: Lusen
[Sin.thetic Squad] — 2 non‑album tracks (2008) 2008
Поделился: AngelOfDeath
Танцевальный Рай Discoremix 2008
Поделилась: Lusen

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