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The origins of MC Einar was the early 80's, when DJ Peyk and DJ Jan met each other, and started hanging out on the early Copenhagen breakdance scene. In 1984 the two watched the movie «Wild Style», which was first to present graffiti and rap to a Danish audience.

They swapped their white gloves for spraycans and became some of the first graffiti artists in Denmark. But because of trouble with the police, they started to focus on the music. They wanted to make their music in their native language. They did not succed with this until they hooked with an old friend of Peyk, The epynomous Einar. His ignorance of the genre up to that point gave his deliveries of the humourous and eloquent lyrics of DJ Peyk a quite original expression.

The three teamed up with Jesper Vildmand and OJ to form the band MC Einar, who soon signed a record contract. In 1988 they released the album «Den Nye Stil», which sold surprisingly well, and catapulted MC Einar from underground to mainstream.

They followed this the next year with the album «Arh Dér», which although it was arguably a better album, did not do well in the record shops. The fiasco of this album led to internal controversies in the band, which was to be the end of this iconic Danish Rap outfit...

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