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There are at least 2 artists going by the name L.O.C.

1) Liam O'Conner is a Danish‑Irish hip‑hop artist. O'Connor was born 10.07.1979 and grew up in the Danish city of Århus. He was previously a member of «Alzheimer Klinikken» with Uso and Rescue which later became «B.A.N.G.E.R.S.» with Uso, Rescue and N.I.S (Niggerenislæden, Marc Johnson) He debuted solo in 2001 with the album «Dominologi», latest album being «Melankolia/XxxCouture» (2008)


«Dominologi» (2001)
«Inkarneret» (2003)
«Cassiopeia» (2005)
«Nyt Fra Vestfronten» (2007) (Mixtape)
«Melankolia/XxxCouture» (2008)
«Nyt Fra Vestfronten 2» (2008) (Mixtape)

2) L.O.C. are a group of Jamaican origin, residing in London. The group name comes from the first initial of each member of the trio — Lenky, Orthodox and Chris. Lenky and Chris honed their craft in studios and PA spots in many clubs while Orthodox worked as a DJ. In 2005 they came together to form L.O.C. and “Ring Ding Ding” was released as dancehall’s answer to the Crazy Frog on Jetstar records. They also made up a dance to go with it that is based on the action of riding a motorbike.

Ring Ding Ding’s popularity knew no bounds as reggae audiences across the world continued to fall under its spell, and LOC became one of the hottest groups in recent reggae dancehall history. Their album contains a new grime remix of Ring Ding Ding designed to set clubs alight for the second time. It concludes a set that’s markedly different from most Jamaican releases with its groundbreaking selection of beats, and a range of lyrical content reflecting life not just in Kingston, but any inner city where the living is hard, and youths from all backgrounds struggle to realise their true worth. Represent says it all, but then so does the confrontational Gangster Walk, Gangsta Role, and Bollywood inspired Who Dem Deh –…читать далее ↓

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Absolute Kids (VA) 2012
Поделилась: Lusen


Dance Chart Vol. 23 CD#1 2009
Поделилась: Lusen
Dance Chart Vol. 22 CD#2 2008
Поделилась: Lusen

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