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Acquiring a love for the breakbeat through jazz and funk records, Break took to the drums at a young age, learning piano along the way and taking to the turntables at the age of fourteen.

A talented musician with a wide range of influences, Break looks to push the barriers in whatever he’s doing. Crisp breaks, heavy bass and strong melody are stable marks of his productions making him a firm favourite with a variety of the scenes top DJs.

Break hooked up with the DNAudio crew back in 2001 after meeting Squire through mutual friends. Since then he has played an important role in the label’s expansion, working closely with Silent Witness in developing a fresh & devastating new sound.
DJ A‑Sides was quick to sign Break’s debut, Cocktail for the ‘East Side Jamz 2’ LP and wasted no time releasing his first solo twelve, ‘Sticky Situation’, the ‘Breakout EP’ and a string of other singles.

His partnership with Silent Witness lead to releases on No U Turn and since then Break hasn’t looked back. As one of the most prolific producers in the scene, long hours in the studio have lead to outings on East Side, Fuze, Commercial Suicide, Quarantine, Critical, Invaderz, Explicit, Subtitles, Metalheadz, Levitated, Shadow Law and DNAudio; all building on Break’s reputation as one of the drum & bass’ hottest new talents.

As well as now working closely with Fierce and with singer Kyo in the studio, Break's busy DJ schedule sees him play across the UK and Europe several times a month, with every set being crammed full of killer fresh dubs blended seamlessly with underground classics.

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Matt Darey — Nocturnal 274 (2010–11–06) — guestmix Moonbeam 2010
Поделился: Vadima
Subtitles 50 Ep Part 1 2006
Поделился: astarot

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